Rainbow Park / Sandy Neighbourhood

Date: Summer 2012 & 2013

Client: Southbank Centre

Location: Queens Walk, London

Every year Southbank Centre celebrates its Festivals with free installations for the public that are found on the 21 Acre site. The artistically designed, annual, huge, sandpit installations have been managed by Joule, ensuring they are on time, on budget and meet all the regulations of a temporary structure.

In 2012, working with a Polish Artist Adam Kalinowski and an English sand company Specialist Aggregates we negotiated 150 tonnes of coloured sand, and 9 coloured sculptures from Poland, to be installed at the Southbank for up to 8 million people to play in over the summer. In 2013 for Festival of Neighbourhood, James Bowthope designed and built 8 miniature buildings to reside in the sand.

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